Blues&Jazz Humbucker Pickups

24.01.2019. 08:34
70.00 eur
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Dreamsongs Pickups
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These humbuckers are hand wound to early Ginson’s classic double coil pickup specs. They offer a great tone that is clean, sweet and articulate, yet rich and warm. The great balance, clarity and lower mid drive that P.A.F's are known for. Alnico II magnets offer slightly less output and a more detailed treble response with excellent note separation, very well suited for jazz and blues playing. Also great for country, and classic rock.

AlNiCo II magnets
42awg enameled magnet wire
black or zebra bobbins

Classic Gibson-style shielded 2 leads wire
Modern shielded 4 leads wire

Nickel plated cover (+10€)
Gold plated cover (+12)
Open nickel plated cover (+10€)
No cover.

Shipping 10€

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