Classic Rock&Blues Telecaster Pickup Set

24.01.2019. 08:34
85.00 eur
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A well balanced and classic Tele Set that is typically used for rock and blues and pop.

A classic Tele sound with more output, for smooth trebles, increased midrange e bass end. This pickup has a sweet and balanced tone and is quite at home for Blues, Country, Rock and pop. Resistence 7.8k (+/-5%). This pickup is also available slightly overwound for a bolder tone, with low-end fatness and punch for a fuller rock and blues sound.
Our Telecaster Bridge replacement pickups are built to vintage specs, using vulcanized fiberboard bobbin, quality Alnico 5 magnets, enamel magnet wire, copper plated base plate, cloth lead wires and a classic style string wrap around the coil. Wax potted to avoid unwanted microphonics.

Leo Fender designed the original Telecaster neck pickup with a metal cover, to reduce trebles and offer a more mid-range sound, for rhythm playing and bass lines. To most people the tele neck pickup is a love or hate thing. This is why we offer this pickup in its classic form, with chrome or nickel plated covers, and in a coverless version, for a more natural and open single-coil sound.
Built to vintage specs, using vulcanized fiberboard bobbin, quality Alnico 5/3 magnets, enamel magnet wire, chrome or nickel plated cover (+5€) or black matte tape wound. Custom wound to match your bridge tele pickup, for a perfect balanced set. Handwound/scatterwound for a more open voice and dynamics.

Shipping 10€

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